Know Your United Way Facts

Question #1:  Does my investment stay in the community?
Fact: 99% of your investment stays in Harrisonburg & Rockingham County.  The other 1% is membership dues paid to United Way of America for the use of the “United Way” brand. This also includes access to United Way of America research, training and national campaign support.

Question # 2:  Does United Way keep its overhead low?

Fact: The United Way of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County’s overhead is only 17%, which meets national United Way of American standards and compares favorably with other local non-profit health and human service organizations. This means that 83 cents of every dollar goes directly to support local programs.

Question # 3:  Does my investment go where it is most needed?
Fact: United Way awards grants to address the greatest needs of the most vulnerable persons in our community. Community volunteers decide where your investment is most needed.  These teams of volunteers review and evaluate each program application and decide upon the level of funding to award each program.  Another group of community volunteers certifies all community partners bi-annually.  In addition, United Way has its own annual audit conducted by an outside accounting firm to make certain the donor gifts are used properly. 

Question # 4: What if I would like to designate my gift?

Fact: Your donation is automatically invested in the Community Impact Fund which supports our 34 partner programs.  With gifts of $50 or more, you may designate your gift to one of our four impact areas: Ready Children, Successful Youth, Self-Sufficient Families, or Independent Adults.  If you prefer, you may designate to a specific non-profit health and human service agency. Your designation to a specific non-profit agency does not affect the amount of money that is awarded from the United Way Community Impact Fund.

Question # 5: Does my investment make any difference?
Fact: When your investment is combined with the gifts of many other contributors, it makes a significant difference in the community.  Without your support, United Way of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County and our 40 Community Partner programs would not be able to provide the level of support currently delivered.  When you reach out a hand to one person, you influence the condition of all.