How to Apply for Funding

United Way currently provides funding support to 33 local nonprofit organizations as part of a holistic effort to bring positive change to Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.  (Learn more about our community partners.)

Becoming a United Way community partner is a comprehensive, two-step process:

1. United Way Certification - Building and maintaining trust is an important component in creating change.  Certification helps safeguard donors' investment in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County by ensuring that United Way funded organizations are managed effectively and meet United Way's standards of excellence.

United Way invites certification applications from any 501c3 nonprofit serving Harrisonburg and/or Rockingham County.  The application assesses the capacity of the applicant in the areas of organizational management, human resources, board governance, and financial management. 

Upon completion of the application, a United Way volunteer certification team conducts an on-site visit with the organization's staff and/or board representatives, then makes a certification recommendation to the United Way Board of Directors, which determines whether to certify, not certify, or provisionally certify the organization.   Certification is required every 2 years.


Certification 2016 Guidelines, Application, and Deadlines


2. United Way Grant Evaluation - United Way invites grant proposals from any certified nonprofit in alignment with the criteria outlined in the Community Action Plan and Community Impact Fund Guidelines.  Applications are reviewed by dozens of community impact team volunteers from a broad array of professions and industries in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. 

Following grant submission, applicants are given the opportunity to clarify their grant request during oral presentations, which will now be open to the public.  View the schedule for this year's presentations or reference the charts below for time, topic and program name.

Community impact teams then make funding recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors, which makes final partnership decisions. 

Community Action Plan and Commmunity Impact Fund Guidelines

Grant Application Questions 2016-2017

Grant Application Scoring Criteria 2016-2017



Be a Community Impact Team Volunteer!

Volunteer Opportunity - We need neighbors like you who are interested in evaluating grant proposals to serve as community impact team members.  Are you passionate about helping others? Want to get more involved in your community?

Sign up today to be a Community Impact Team (CIT) member!

What will I do?

1.       Commit to 10 hours between February and April 2016

2.       Attend one training session in advance of your grant review

3.       Join a team of 5-7 individuals to participate in discussion and review of no more than 7 applications.

4.       Review grant applications objectively. (Affiliated with a prospective grantee organization? That’s okay. We still need your help – we   will just excuse you from reviewing your own application to avoid conflict of interest.)

5.       Make a difference in your community!

Get more details by reviewing the Community Impact Team Information Sheet.  Ready to volunteer?  Sign up below and we will contact you with more information.


Local Strategic Plans:

Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness and Continuum of Care Goals

Chamber of Commerce Vision 2020 Goals

Healthy Comunity Council Action Teams