Corporate Volunteer Council

Corporate Volunteer Council

Mission: The Corporate Volunteer Council improves lives by partnering with United Way to meet identified community needs through acts of volunteerism.

Who: The Corporate Volunteer Council is a coalition of local businesses, institutions and their
employees who are giving back to the community where they live and work.

What: In collaboration with United Way’s 30 partner agencies, the Council plans and
coordinates volunteer projects, large and small, throughout the year.

Where: Corporate Volunteer Council projects address the greatest needs of the most
vulnerable persons in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

When: Representatives from participating businesses meet on a monthly basis to learn about community needs and create opportunities for employees to become involved.

Why: The Corporate Volunteer Council believes in the value of giving back to the communities where we do business. We also believe that promoting volunteerism among our employees makes good business sense:

  • It improves the health of the community by improving the lives of our employees and our customers.
  • It increases the visibility of our businesses, building customer loyalty and trust.
  • It places employees in leadership roles in the community and provides opportunities for them to gain skills and experiences that enhance their regular jobs.
  • It improves corporate morale and creates a sense of pride in the community.

How: United Way partner agencies generate ideas for projects out of the needs they see with their clients. The Corporate Volunteer Council partners with the agencies to generate the resources necessary to meet those needs. Through volunteerism, businesses and their employees make a difference in our community!

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